"The Gould Group provided tremendous value in helping me move to a position that was a perfect fit for both myself and my new employer. I was always able to arrive well-prepared for the interviews and put my best foot forward, thanks to The Gould Group's guidance and insights."

Chad Zimmerman
Marketing Director

"The Gould Group understands that candidates are interviewing companies as much as companies are interviewing them. In my case, Jay Gould came to the table knowing the management, the environment and the direction of the company I was meeting with. It wasn't just about finding a candidate or a firm. It was about finding the right match".

Eric Whitaker
Account Planner

"There are people in your career who play huge short-term roles. When I decided to switch companies after ten years, I was fortunate to connect with Jay Gould. He brought forth an opportunity which was everything I wanted. Jay's level of integrity, work ethic and accessibility defy headhunter stereotypes. For about 30 days, he gave me an all access pass. We talked over holidays, weekends and evenings. I'm certain I interrupted a dinner or two, but he's the ultimate professional. I can't imagine a more trusted advisor than Jay."

Josh Simpson
Sr. Vice President of Business Development