Take this short quiz to assess whether or not you are in tune with your employment needs. Keep track of the number of times you answer yes to a question, this will be your score. 
  1. I am recognized by my employer for the value I bring to the organization.

  3. I am in a growth company that offers me opportunities to continually broaden my skills.

  5. I rarely have career thoughts of "Perhaps it's time to explore what comes next".

  7. I update my resume at different intervals as a good business practice.

  9. I have a clear vision as to how I want my career to grow and the ability of my current employer to help me get there.

  11. I am better off today than I was two years ago.

  13. I have confidence in the leadership of my current organization.

  15. I am satisfied with the level of internal communication that my company provides and 2-way communication that my company endorses.

  17. I feel that my company has kept pace with me financially over the course of time.

  19. The turnover ratio seems to be at an acceptable level on a year to year basis.

  21. I force myself to not get complacent and continually monitor my professional progress.

If you answered 'yes' to <6 questions:                  
Have your resume polished ASAP

If you answered 'yes' to 6-7 questions:         
Start looking at possible opportunities

If you answered 'yes' to 8-10 questions:         
You're in good shape, but room for improvement

If you answered 'yes' to 10+ questions:         
You're in tune with your employment needs

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What are you seeking in your career that may be difficult to get in your current position?

What type of corporate culture do you thrive in?

On a of 1 - 10 scale, where 1 is not particularly motivated to find the next career opportunity and 10 is extremely motivated to do so, where would you place yourself?

What 1 - 2 criteria are most important for you in your next job whenever it should present itself?

I would see myself staying with my current employer for a long period of time if...

What compensation requirements do you have?

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