Sometimes you need the voice of experience.

You can't find all the answers you need through industry information or by talking with your friends. As consultants, we will listen to you and find out what's on your mind. We will share our experience in answering any and all of your questions.
We don't blow smoke.

We will give you honest answers to your questions. We're judged on the quality of candidates we bring to the table. We are seeking the best of the best. Our goal is to help these talented people bring value to their new employers both in the short and long term.

What is said in confidence is held in confidence.
As a confidante, we understand that changing jobs, or even contemplating changing jobs is a stressful situation for most professionals. Going through the process, doing your own due diligence, developing a checklist, etc. can only take you so far. Sometimes a frank answer to a sincere question is exactly what's in order to make an intelligent decision and put your mind at ease.
We understand your position.

We respect the fact that you may need to operate very clandestinely when it comes to any new job opportunity. Holding down a full-time job makes it extremely difficult to explore the next one. Depending on the situation, it may be impossible to take the risk of looking at another opportunity. We understand this and take it upon ourselves to run interference for you.
We're pulling for you.
While we have to walk the fine line, we will help you in any way we can. If the opportunity is the right one for you and an offer is being prepared, we will be the best resource we can be to you without jeopardizing our client trust.

We move at your pace.
Even considering a job change is stressful. We will respect your wishes and proceed at whatever pace you desire. Very simply, we will take our cues from you.

'Key subjects that we weigh in on regularly'
  • Salary/promotion advice

  • Compensation translation between different markets

  • General feedback on "What's going on out there?"

  • Relocation advice